Hamm tests DeepScan

We tested DeepScan technology in the city Hamm!

The Zöller test vehicle, which also has DeepScan and SmartScan installed, was used for two weeks for testing by the waste management and city cleaning department of the city Hamm. In particular, it is expected that the use of DeepScan will improve the quality of organic waste. DeepScan detects the few critical containers that could contaminate an entire collection. Depending on the desired setting, these containers are then not emptied into the vehicle, but left standing or collected separately. This results in cost savings, as the time-consuming sorting before recycling the organic waste is reduced to a minimum. Volker Burghard and Robert Reminghorst were able to get an overview of the tests; WDR reported on the advantages of the DeepScan system in the news magazine Lokalzeit.

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